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Here, at Oak  Rutherford, we strive to not just deliver amazing customer service, but keep all our Clients and Staff safe during their visit.

With such unprecedented times upon us, we are ensuring that we are keeping everyone safe and well.

We have implemented strict new procedures and routines to keep the Salon clean and our clients protected

Although face coverings are now mandatory in certain shops across the UK, hair salons are not one of these venues. With such rigorous safety measures in place we know we are keeping our Clients safe at all times. However, we do provide face masks at Reception if you feel safer wearing one.

We have listed below the changes we have made to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable when they enter our Salon:

- We are keeping our salon door open where possible to reduce contact with surfaces

- We have added a smaller table in front of our reception desk to keep a safe distance between client and the staff member

- Hand sanitizers and face masks are available if you wish to use them at the reception desk, upon entering the salon

- All client areas are fully disinfected between clients and so will be clear and safe to use as soon as you arrive

- You will be guided directly to your seat upon arriving, to reduce the amount of people in the walk ways

- Each client will be asked to put their personal belongings in a box situated in front of their chair so there is no need for anyone to touch personal items

- Screens have been installed between client stations, and at our reception desk to limit the amount of contact our clients have with each other

- Our gowns, towels and aprons have been replaced by disposable ones to allow us to throw away used ones, and reduce the risk of cross contamination

- Staff members will be wearing disposable Aprons, Masks and gloves where possible, all of which will be thrown away between clients, again, to reduce any cross contamination

- All equipment, such as combs, brushes, clips, and scissors are disinfected between clients 

- We are asking that you pay by contact less payment where possible, however for higher paying services we ask you to pay via card

- Our card machine is being disinfected after every use, and the staff member taking payment will also ensure the use of hand sanitizer after every payment

- We have also had to remove our magazines, and we can't offer drinks. This is so it reduces contact between people and stops infection spreading

- We are also asking Clients to try and arrive as close to their appointment time as possible, and to refrain from bringing anyone with them, to reduce the amount of individuals in the waiting areas

If you have any questions, or are concerned about any of the new measures we have put in place don't hesitate to contact us 


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